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FNF local staff visits head office


After an intense training phase at the International Academy for Leadership
a  group of 22 staff members from 20 project offices abroad visited the
FNF head office in Potsdam, initiating the second part of the "International
Staff Training". Head of the International Politics Division, Mr. Ulrich Niemann, welcomed the participants, appreciating their great work around the world as an important contribution to the Foundation's success. He introduced the recently revised strategy of the Foundation's work abroad and gave an insight into recent decisions regarding international activities. At the end of a lively session, the group presented some suggestions on how to strengthen the cooperation within the International Division. Ms. Irmgard Schwaetzer, Member of the Board of Directors, who received a delegation from Pakistan at Trueman House the same day, seized the opportunity to personally thank the participants for their big effort to promote liberal ideas around the globe.

"Get to know each other" was the title and the objective of another part of the
programme. Co-workers of the Potsdam based divisions took the opportunity to
meet their colleagues from abroad, to exchange views on the situations in the
respective countries and to clarify some work related matters directly. A joint
World Café on measures and activities to promote liberal perspectives in the
field of the foundation's focal issues was the last component of a long and
fruitful day at the Foundation's head office.

Discussion with Ulrich Niemann
Discussion with Ulrich Niemann

Getting to know each other
Getting to know each other

Welcome by Irmgard Schwaetzer
Welcome by Irmgard Schwaetzer

World Café Session
World Café Session

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