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New Delhi, India

IAF Alumni replicate training on ‘Coalition Building & Strategic Partnership’

The members of India FNF Alumni Network (IFAN) took the initiative to organize IAF replication workshop on ‘Coalition Building & Strategic Partnership’ in New Delhi on 12 August 2011. The participants of the workshop were from the FNF New Delhi partner organization and its coalition partners.

Coalition Building & Strategic Partnership is the topic many of the FNF partner organizations can relate to as they work with different like-minded organizations promoting the same objectives. Aimed to encourage sharing and multiplying the knowledge gained at IAF, the workshop enhanced the strategies and techniques for effective coalition building. The workshop covered topics like why we need coalitions, basic problems in coalitions, strategies on effective coalitions and insights on negotiation. The workshop was facilitated by Manoj Mathew and Anoop Awasthi who participated in IAF workshop this year on the same topic.

The workshop also included input from people working in coalitions in different fields like business, politics and civil society. The methodology used during the workshop very interactive, participant-oriented and working group sessions.

Siegfried Herzog, Regional Director FNF South Asia highlighted the importance of effective coalition building in our work to generate more resources and supporters in order to represent a greater segment of civil society, which would make the Government, the administration take the civil society movement more seriously.

The participants got the chance to learn and share about the work of various FNF partners with its coalition partners and the challenges they face.

Participants of the workshop
Participants of the workshop

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